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Not an optional extra nor a bit of entertainment on the side

“The Church has a responsibility in a world where values, ethics and world views are shaped by narrative to ‘play’ them at their own game. Drama is not an optional extra or a bit of entertainment on the side, nor a skit to keep folks entertained, but a fundamental part of how we communicate nowadays, in a visually saturated world, where pictures and pictographs, images, icons, logos and apps dominate.  We are back in the era of stained glass windows, where truth and public discourse are communicated through creative processes of film and drama.”

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The story so far…

And all the while, God has been growing a family of artists and creators who want to create good work, tell good stories, be an influence in the arts and media. 

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Minimal February

A few years back, a group of us decided to take on some decluttering. Some of us had been reading Marie Kondo, others of us were just appalled at how much clutter there was in our lives. So we decided to do something about it. We took inspiration from The Minimalism Game,  and goaded one … Continued

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Something Familiar

During the winter of 2016/17, Foolproof worked with The Cathedral Players on a production of ‘Something Familiar’, a story of family rivalry, betrayal and a coach trip to the Cotswolds.

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