26 May 2020

A Chronicle of Lockdown

As Foolproof supporters, I’d ask you to pray for people working in the creative industries, many of whom are freelancers in an already precarious profession. Would you also consider buying work from independent artists at this time, and maybe get in touch with writers, artists, performers or musicians you know to ask them how they are doing at the moment?

We are so thankful for those of you who support our work in prayer, giving and volunteering – thank you for believing that creativity and foolishness make a difference, perhaps more than ever in these strange times.

In the days leading up to full lockdown in Scotland, I decided that there must be a role for Foolproof in providing encouragement to creatives working from home. Lots of performers and artists are struggling with loss of income due to cancellation and closure, with no prospect of a return to  ‘normality’ any time soon. Many are adjusting to producing content from home, many working in isolation and trying to pivot their skills into a new way of working. I decided to provide a daily social media post to create some community contact and theological reflection for creatives. What began as something I thought might last for three weeks has become a chronicle of lockdown, and the reach has been much further than the artists and performers who are connected to our work.

It’s been a privilege to spend time each day processing my own lockdown journey, asking God for a word, an image, a verse of Scripture and a thought. As I’ve created each post, I’ve experienced comfort, reassurance, peace, challenge and hope, and, as the post is published, it seems to have resonated with others, and has been a help, with some churches and individuals reposting the content each day. I’m thankful for the technology that enables us to continue communication and connection through this period. You can read more about my process in this article that I wrote for the 24-7 Scotland prayer blog.

You could also follow the daily campaign via our social media  and share the content with others: