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Not an optional extra nor a bit of entertainment on the side

“The Church has a responsibility in a world where values, ethics and world views are shaped by narrative to ‘play’ them at their own game. Drama is not an optional extra or a bit of entertainment on the side, nor a skit to keep folks entertained, but a fundamental part of how we communicate nowadays, in a visually saturated world, where pictures and pictographs, images, icons, logos and apps dominate.  We are back in the era of stained glass windows, where truth and public discourse are communicated through creative processes of film and drama.”

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Top Tips for Drama School Auditions #1

Thinking of a career treading the boards? There are many ways into the profession, but the route that most budding thespians take is by getting onto a Drama School course of some sort. It’s a confusing business.

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Top Tips for Drama School Auditions #2

So, you’ve thought long and hard about whether you really want to enter this crazy world of uncertainty and fun, you’ve chosen the training course that’s right for you, you’ve done your preparation and found a set of speeches and songs that you want to perform at audition. What else do you need to do?

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