Words that Speak


What is it?

A collection of spoken word poems and liturgical reflections.

Suitable for use in, churches, small groups or missional communities.


What’s it about?

Whom Shall I Fear?
A poem based on Psalm 27

You were made for him
A poem about freedom, fear and identity

Banqueting Table
A communion reflection based on 1 Peter 2

Dry Bones
A reflection based on Ezekiel 37

Another Country
An Easter reflection based on Psalm 22

A poem based on Romans 12

Back to You
A reflection on the mundane realities of summer’s end

You do not have to purchase a Performance Licence to perform this work in public, however we ask that you credit Foolproof Creative Arts and the author of the work on any publicity. 

All rights to the work are strictly reserved by Foolproof Creative Arts.