Mickey and Vikki: The Cafe Tapes


What is it?

A series of conversations between two 15-year-old friends (M/F or F/F).

Suitable for use in schools, churches, youth groups as a springboard to teaching or group discussion.

What is it about?

Vikki Tries to Help (2 parts)

Vikki has decided to make a difference by volunteering but keeps messing up. Mickey, meanwhile, can’t be bothered doing anything.

Topics: volunteering, teamwork, making a difference, charity

Mickey and Vikki in Love

Vikki is in love with Ricky Martinson. Mickey is not impressed.

Topic: love

Mickey and Vikki Get Talent

Vikki has signed Mickey up for the X Factor auditions. Mickey has talent, but doesn’t want to use it.

Topics: friendship, talent, gifts, fame, celebrity

Mickey and Vikki and the Injustice of the Free Twizzles

Mickey doesn’t like the fact that Vikki has been given a free gift by the barista.

Topics: injustice, fairness

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