Lavish Abundance


What is it?

A package containing a two versions based on the Parable of the Wedding Feast (Matthew 22), one in 4 parts and a shorter 10-minute version, plus a list of resources required and performance tips.

Suitable for use in churches for adults or all-age gatherings or evangelistic settings with minimal props and costumes.

What is it about?

A beggar sits on the street, alone and miserable. In another part of the kingdom a great feast is being planned. There’s no chance the beggar will be invited to the feast, and even if he is, who’s going to let him in wearing those clothes?

You do not have to purchase a Performance Licence to perform this work in public, however we ask that you credit Foolproof Creative Arts and the author of the work on any publicity. 

All rights to the work are strictly reserved by Foolproof Creative Arts.