Extravagant Waste


What is it?

A spoken word piece inspired by the story of Jesus’ anointing in Mark 14 and first performed at the IJM UK Pray for Justice event in Glasgow in 2019.


What is she doing?
What’s in her hand?
Making a statement
Taking a stand
Why has she come here?
What’s her desire?
Extravagant waste
Spreading like fire

Ugly refrains
Poisonous thoughts
Self-seeking plots

Jar broken open
Fragrance unleashed
Languid and weighty
With deep-seated peace
Filling this room
This wall-bounded space
Slipping out through the cracks
Not contained by this place…

You do not have to purchase a Performance Licence to perform this work in public, however we ask that you credit Foolproof Creative Arts and the author of the work on any publicity. 

All rights to the work are strictly reserved by Foolproof Creative Arts.