Christmas Sketches


What is it?

A set of four sketches for use at Christmas.

Suitable for use in schools, churches, Christmas events, evangelistic settings.

What is it about?

The Innkeeper’s Wife (monologue F)
A retelling of the events of the nativity from the point of view of a busy lady

One Wise Man Tries To Buy A Gift (2 characters M/F + voiceover)
A wise man finds the process of buying at Argos a total mystery

The Christmas and Seasonal Hotline (monologue F or M)
A call centre worker tries to help a caller find the meaning of life

The Elephant and the Mouse (2 characters M/F)
Two thespian animals discuss auditions, Christmas adverts and the true meaning of Christmas

You do not have to purchase a Performance Licence to perform this work in public, however we ask that you credit Foolproof Creative Arts and the author of the work on any publicity. 

All rights to the work are strictly reserved by Foolproof Creative Arts.